Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Perfect Day

You know … the universe continually cracks me up. Like John Hiatt sang; “just when you thought you’ve been jipped, the bearded lady comes and does a double back flip.”

Well, yesterday – she was flipping all over the flipping place!!

Just a few hours after I posted yesterday about the Flyers, and the joy my son gets watching the games with me on TV – the eldest Brother McC calls me with a line on two free tickets for yesterday’s Flyers game against the NJ Devils. (Thanks, Teek!)

So … off we went.

To say that I had what would be considered a perfect day … well … it was. Even though the rain pounded the car for the entire ride to the arena (we were lucky to have a Parking Pass that put us about thirty yards from the doors), even though there was the crush of traffic; The World Series traffic (tail-gaters mostly at this hour), a ‘Celtic Thunder’ concert at the old Spectrum, and a Sold Out house for the Flyers; all on the way, we actually got there pretty smoothly.

Ian, dressed in his Flyers t-shirt, was handed a Phillies ‘Rally Towel’ as soon as we entered the building. A rally towel that he waved for about 98% of the game. His hero, Marty Biron, was in the net, and his Daddy was as excited as he was to be there.

One note: I know that Philly Fans always get a bad rap. And, let’s face it, some of that rep is pretty well earned. But, everywhere we walked, and particularly, in our seats, all the other fans were great. They all spoke to Ian – asked him questions – high fived him - and were more than polite when it came to anything that was being shouted towards the ice.

The game – wow!!!! Fast and furious. Lights, colors, sounds, everything that a three year old (and a 47 year old for that matter) would love. And, in the end, the Flyers scored an OT goal to beat the Devils to win both ends of a home-and-home series.

As we drove home, both a little exhausted, there wasn’t a lot of talk in the car, till I heard my son ask from the back seat; “Daddy … can we go back there again?”

Like I said earlier: a perfect day!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Flyers: Like Father – Like Son

You know – it’s been a rough start for the Flyers this year (0-3-3). And, with the Phillies marching in to the World Series, the little coverage the Flyers usually get has shrunk even more. But, for the Flyers Faithful, that’s OK – because we still get nights like last night.

Last night, The Flyers took their game into the Meadowlands to face off against the NJ Devils. The Flyers hadn’t beaten the Devils on their ice in years. So, as I sat down to watch the men in orange and black last night, I wasn’t expecting much. But, as I sat there, a three year old who believes that Martin Biron is not only the best goalie in the NHL, but the best ice hockey player on Earth – there’s always hope.

Then something funny happened on the way to another Flyers loss. The boys showed up and played their hearts out. Marty Biron began to realize that he is one of the NHL’s elite goalies and Mike Richards showed why he is the team captain – dishing out four assists. It was a fast paced, action packed game, with the lead changing hands numerous times. And, with each passing minute, the excitement grew.

Here at the Brothers McC, sports has played a big role in our lives. Always had – ever since we were kids. And, though I’m the only brother to live & die with the Flyers, the other two “feel my pain” when the Flyers lose, and share my joy when they win.

Now, the Flyers are back with another season and I’m right back there with them. Only this time, I have a co-pilot flying with me. Having a three year old son sitting next to you as the Flyers take to the ice – and hearing that kid scream – will make me smile every game – win or lose. Of course, on the night games – like last night, he can only watch a little bit with me – but his excitement still puts a huge grin on my face. And sure, I know that Ian isn’t fully aware of what is actually going on, all he knows is that the Flyers make Daddy happy – and that’s good enough for him. Well, at 47, I’ve learned something from my three year old son: Win or lose – as long as the Flyers are making him happy – that’s good enough for me. Though, beating the Devils always makes the ‘good enough’ a little better!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Levi Stubbs; R.I.P.

Levi Stubbs, the gruff-voiced yet exceedingly expressive frontman of soul music giants the Four Tops, has passed away at age 72 in his Detroit home. The powerful lead singer on hit singles including 'I Can't Help Myself,' 'It's the Same Old Song,' 'Reach Out I'll Be There,' 'Standing in the Shadows of Love' and 'Bernadette' in the 1960s, Stubbs had been ill in recent years, having recently been debilitated by a stroke and cancer that forced his retirement in 2000.

On a personal note: I can not tell you the amount of hours that I spent listening to this man (and his AMAZING band) teach me about love, life, friendship and more love (both happy and sad). There's an old Al Stewart song titled "Post World War Two Blues" where he talks about the death of Buddy Holly. He sings:

"I still remember the last time I cried
The day that Buddy Holly died
I never met him so it may seem strange
Don't some people just affect you that way"

Thank you, Mr. Stubbs

np - "Reach Out And I'll Be There"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Congrats Jen & Aaron!!!

All the folks here at Brothers McC want to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to one of our favorite folks!!

Congrats Jen!!

As of yesterday, Jen made the correct decision of accepting a marriage proposal from Aaron, her longtime guy!

For the record, the man pictured above with Jen is Ian, the man of her dreams. Aaron is the man of her reality.

Mazal Tov!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008