Friday, May 22, 2009

Old Man Hockey

It’s funny … a lot of folks say that you really don’t make any new friends after you reach a certain age. Well, sitting at 48, I’m here to say that isn’t true. Since moving back to the Philly area, I’ve been lucky enough to encounter a group of guys that could not be a better bunch of fellas to hang out with.

It started when I was taking my son to some ice skating lessons at the local rink. And, like it happens whenever I’m near a rink, the conversation turned to ice hockey. A guy I never met before joined the conversation and told me about a group of ‘old guys’ who play out every Wednesday night. Without further ado, he invited me to join in. And before I could respond, he added; “and they’re all nice guys.”

Well, I laced up my skates that Wednesday night and skated out for my first session of “Old Man Hockey”. And you know what? He was right; they were all nice guys. Most of the guys are over 40 … most have been playing since they were kids … and even a few are currently coaching local teams. All great guys. No hard asses … no guys who still feel they have something to prove since they never made it to the NHL. Just a bunch of old guys who want to play some ice hockey … and drink some cold beers. To give you an idea of the sense of humor these guys have, our team jersey logo has a picture of Moses … holding a hockey stick … with the phrase: ‘Let My People Score’

As it turns out, we have two goalies that both got great game. And, if one of them could not make it, I got the call. So, depending on who was on the ice, I either played in the net or left wing … and occasionally, the call never came, I'd show up with my 'winger' gear, find out we were a goalie short, and I’d zip on home to grab my goalie gear ASAP so the game could go on. Now, here’s where the “they’re all nice guys” part comes in. My first few times in the net I did OK. But, on one night, well … let’s just say that the puck found the back of the net more times than during an NHL All Star game.

On the nights that I played well, the team was right there with me … supportive and having fun. And, on this night where I couldn’t stop anything, the team was even more supportive … and kept reminding me that “we” were all still having fun.

We just ended the season with a night out at the local pub. And during that night we had the presentation of “The Old Fart Award” – a trophy that goes, each year, to the player who most lives up to the qualifications of being an old fart. Congrats, Joel!

So … as the summer is upon us, the skates will get sharpened, the pads will get aired out, and the roof of The Skatium will get repaired. But I know it won't be too long till the e-mail pops up in my “IN” basket calling all the ‘old men’ back for another season. And I'll be there ... with a bunch of really nice guys.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Peter Case Info Update

Here's some news from the folks at Hidden Love Medical Relief.

Dear Peter Case fan and supporter:

We are looking forward to an incredible series of benefit concerts at McCabe's this coming weekend. The outpouring of love and generosity from the amazing artisits and all involved in putting the shows together is a testiment to Goodness and Love.

Additionally, Roman Cho (official McCabe's photographer) has presented Hidden Love with another way for us to give to the Hidden Love Medical Relief Fund.

Roman's book Live@McCabe's is a photographic inside look at McCabe's Guitar Shop Concert Series. The book contains 106 pages of intimate photographs of live performance images, candid backstage photos, as well as formal portraits of artists taken by Cho over the span of the past five years.

To coincide with the Hidden Love Benefit shows, this unique "Peter Case Edition" contains a special cover and forward by the author.

All proceeds from books ordered by May 31 will be donated to the Hidden Love Benefit Fund.

To order, please click:

Hidden Love Medical Relief