Friday, October 1, 2010

A Dark Rage

OK … it took a while for me to get from Point A to Point B … but arrive here I have.

A few years ago, the youngest Brother McC was having a grand, old time at an Irish festival somewhere in the wilds of Ohio. I knew that pints of Guinness had not only been poured, but drunk as well. I knew this because every once in a while my cell phone would ring. I’d answer the phone … not to hear anyone’s voice, but to hear the live, slamming Irish music of whatever band was rocking my brother’s world at that moment. This went on well in to the night … and I thought it was great!

By the end of the night, I answered the phone to actually hear the voice of the youngest Brother McC. And that voice made one request: Write a song using the pipes.

So that night, after a few beers of my own, I wrote a song called “A Black Irish Rage.” All the while hearing the melody line that the pipes would eventually play … whenever I got around to recording it. The fact that I didn’t even know a uilleann piper at the time was not a concern of mine. I was living in NYC … and there’s lots of Irish music in NYC.

Well, as time wore on, that song turned in to the title track of the CD that I just released on Tuesday: “A Dark Rage” – and sure enough, I found an amazing piper named Isaac Alderson to wail away on not only the lead track – but a beautiful ballad as well.

As the sessions moved along, the usual suspects delivered a killer bedrock of music that would let me add the toppings. Chris, Rusty, Yoder, Nancy, Hans & Jeannine all did what I knew they would – and some amazing things I could never have expected. Then I brought in a tin whistle (Kirsten) and fiddle (Bob) … and had Billy glue it all together.

Well … the CD is out there … the reviews (so far) are great … the sales have started … I’ve already found radio airplay in four countries … and who knows where it’s all gonna lead? But I do know where it all began … with drinks … a love of Irish music … and the Brothers McC doing what we do best … making dreams.

But don’t take my word for it … check it out on iTunes … or here: