Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mumford & Sons

Have you ever been so completely blown away by a band – (and especially if it’s a band that you have never heard of!!!) – that you just can’t stop listening to them???

Well, this past Sunday night I went (at my brother’s request) to see this band called Mumford & Sons. I really had no idea what to expect. All I had heard was few tracks here and there. And, as curious as I was … for some reason I had not followed up on that initial interest. So … when these four “kids” (Hey!!! The look young to me!!!!!) … like I said, when these four kids walked on to a darkly lit stage, and then proceeded to knock me on my ass … well … I’m “in” – these guys were fabulous!

It’s really hard for me to put these guys in to words. Acoustic guitar, stand up bass, banjo and piano. All four guys stood across the front of the stage. All four guys singing lyrics with their hearts sown securely on their sleeves. There was a drum kit in the back – and occasionally one of the guys would stroll back and play it – by the end of the night, all four guys had taken a turn on drums.

I had to have the CD. And … to be honest, on CD, there are a few songs that don’t translate in to the passion and performance I saw on Sunday night. But … andf you knew there was a “but” coming ... there are other songs that are that beyond amazing!!! Songs that just leap out of the speakers and drag you in to the world created by Mumford and Sons. The lyrics are full of, what I can only describe as “British literature” … almost poetry. Even the sad songs are so beautiful that they bring joy to me.

I think one of the things that blows my mind – is that there is nothing out there like these guys. Sure, there are certain things about them that will “remind” you of other bands and artists. And I’ve seen other writers compare them to this band or that band. But … as an entity … there is nothing to compare these guys to.

I’m adding a link to the video “Winter Winds”. If you get a free few minutes – take a look. There’s something about the “joy” that explodes off the screen in this video that will somehow let you take a peek in to just how amazing their live show is.

And, for the record, I have some friends who do not like these guys. If you don’t like them – well … thanks for giving them a listen anyway. But, as I walked away from the show – all I could think of is that everyone I know would have loved that show – and I’m pretty sure everyone I know will find something on their CD to latch on to.