Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Starting on Thursday, May 24th, and every Thursday after that, I’ll be hosting “The Session At 23 East” This is NOT an ‘open mic’ – these sessions will be based on the great tradition of ‘Irish Sessions’ – where musicians gather on a weekly basis to play songs they love. For these sessions, we will have some great, traditional, Irish players – but we will also have contemporary players … bringing in great “Americana” songs. Each week we will feature a singer/songwriter to play some of his/her own material. And, soon, we may even feature full bands. But, for now, this will be an acoustic setting, with use of the house PA – but no amps – no drum kits (though percussion is welcome!!). As the Thursday night ‘Sessions at 23 East’ grow – this will be the club that folks can go to – any Thursday night – and they will know that great music will be performed. For musicians – it will be a spot to get out and play with some old friends – or meet some new friends – and maybe find that player you’ve been searching for to finish off your band or recording. For folks coming to see the show – there is no cover – For the musicians who want to play … draft beer is on the house! The music will start, every Thursday night, at 8:30pm. If you have any questions, or are interested in being a featured player (or band), feel free to email me. Rave On! Scott McClatchy http://www.brownies23east.com/ 23 East/Browines 23 East Lancaster Ave Ardmore, PA www.scottmcclatchy.com

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